Hello, welcome to my blog.

I have been a ’emerging artist’ for a long time now, very probably since entering the world. My world has been enriched through many experiences as I am heading towards my big 50. An age I never expected to see back in 2002 when I was finally diagnosed HIV Positive after being extremely ill for over ten years and being told that I had ‘Irritable bowel syndrome’ . Diagnosed at such a crucial time and getting the medication to set to work asap was the life changer for me. I decided to do what I really wanted to do with my life as didn’t know how long it would last?  Always being creative and basically the only thing I felt any good at, I decided to go back into Education, get my Degree (Fine Art) and create a collection of work that raised awareness about such at times a misinformed and misguided subject matter HIV/AIDS. I see myself as an Artist/Activist/Social Commentator so my work also raises other issues such as the ‘Tampax Tax’  re introducing Female Artists of the past as part of ‘Herstory’ ‘Protest’ and ‘Memorial’ pieces.