Huge THANK YOU to Deviation street, thanks for asking me to respond

Deviation Street

In case you missed it – Deviation Street is taking a look back at an exhibition that was held at the Grant Bradley Gallery in 2016 by Mandy Webb titled ‘Addressing the Situation’.
Putting together a body of work and then exhibiting it in its entirety, is no easy task – it takes a lot of time, effort and energy, basically hard graft – such is the structure of what goes unseen prior to the exhibition itself.

I was able to catch the show on a miserable, blustery, wet winter’s evening in Bristol. Once inside the gallery however, the hunched up vibe of outside soon changed into what appeared to encapsulate all the finesse of a splendid, period ballroom dance.

A closer look revealed  a series of mannequins and heads elegantly dressed with layer upon layer of attitude. I was impressed, not only by the amount of sheer hard work…

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