I am finally feeling better after weeks of getting over a nasty cold and cough, I needed to be as had a few busy days of exhibiting.

At short notice we (Feminism in London) Filia Artists were invited along to exhibit as part of the BBC 100 Women Event on Monday 28th November. I took along two pieces, one of my Panty Pad 18th Century inspired Wigs and my dress created after ‘the Referendum’ ‘Brexit’ ‘Speak Out’. Always good to be able to exhibit with like-minded Artists. Really nice to be able to see them before we come together again on the 9th December for Filia ‘Refuge’ at Oxford House.

Beforehand, myself and my sister had been trying out my new screen printing skills to produce t-shirts with an image of my work on especially for this event, I had already printed out a ‘Positive’ t shirt earlier in the week ready for the upcoming week of World AIDS Day and my involvement for the event in Luton, I was exhibiting pieces of work and had also been asked to judge an Art Competition from a local school for the event.


Days like these, I always feel that I could do with an assistant as have so many things to juggle. Trying to keep on top of everything, and not forgetting anything crucial. As the great Patti Smith says ‘Build a Good Name’.

I’m still working on it!



After the BBC event was over, I now had to get back on track for The World AIDS Day event in Luton. The Van had been booked, I had to get all the pieces together. Sadly one of the pieces they had asked for me to exhibit was nowhere to be found, I went through my large cupboard (Narnia) looking through all my organised labelled storage boxes (where I’d assumed the piece was?) Still no sign of it…..

Everything was bubble wrapped and bagged up ready and thankfully, due to my son was put in the van the night before as we needed to make an early start to get to Luton. The event started at 11 a.m. I had printed up the directions ready.


We left early and all was good until we got to Luton, then somehow we got so lost, when in fact we were so near, so back tracked to our last good written directions and finding someone who knew the area, we were finally on our way again.

A really nice event in a large Community centre, lots of tables set out ready for the guests and the stage ready for everyone to speak. I was unaware that I was speaking at this event, so wasn’t really prepared, but after listening to the two other Positive Peoples perspectives, I needed to give mine to show the reality what this disease can do to a person if it’s not caught and treated early enough, the damage it can do to the body, to a life! I wanted to be brutally honest about the negative stuff but also the positive outcome from the day I got the medication and got a second chance to live again and create work raising awareness about my experiences.


After I finished, I awarded the prize for the wonderful Artwork inspired by the Artist Keith Haring to a year 8 School child, it was a hard decision to make as there were some great detailed pieces.

Another World AIDS Day over, my 14th one since being diagnosed HIV Positive and part of this beautiful varied community that is my Positive Family.