O.k, So after ordering a piece of merchandise online with one of my images from The Luxury Collection (Panty Pads), I was a little disappointed with it when it arrived. It just seemed very flat and not very appealing! I wondered ‘Could I produce something nicer, something unique’ but also without having to spend too much to produce it?

I had previously had a go with Stencils and with Lino cut and had had some good results, but nothing that I really felt inspired to make, that could eventually be purchased at one of my exhibitions in the future maybe?

Screen Printing had always been something I really wanted to get into, I love any sort of printing process and the mixing up of colours and mediums.

I really wanted to do a one or two-day course in London or Brighton but that was costly and that money would be far wiser spent putting towards my next exhibition, so after a little research, I bought myself a ‘Starter Kit’, I watched the dvd that came with the pack and looked up many more similar short demonstrations online.

I varnished the Silkscreen as the person had advised on the attached dvd, I even bought some hinges and was lucky to have some hard board leftover from a past work to make it much easier to use the printing screen.


The first one created with added metallic marker pens




I thought I would get more detail with attempting a larger image, but found it difficult using a paintbrush with the fluid to go over my screen of my image. I was worried that I would miss bits out by not applying enough, I obviously applied too much, and the line work is too thick!


The next step to try is using Photo Emulsion so I can achieve the fine details I need?