‘Love Me, Glove Me, Sexy Life’ or ‘The Condom Dress’ as it is easily known was created in 2014. Inspired by the Condom Quilts I’d made, being the ‘Sexy Quilt’ for my Fine Art Degree Show and ‘Love Me, Glove me’ made two years later. I had been asked if ‘I could do anything with lots of Out of date Condoms?’ ‘Of course I could’ was my response, and even to this day, I am still working my way through the stockpile of these out of date condoms!!!

I wanted to unite these two pieces of work into one ‘wearable’ item. I knew from my experience of making the quilts with the condoms, that they were very heavy but also fairly fragile when moved about. I decided that the only way to realise this piece was by transferring images of the out of date condoms by the long process of Scanning and reversing and printing onto Image Transfer Paper. Once printed, each condom image was cut out and individually ironed into place onto the material, made out of cotton bed sheets I no longer needed.

The dress front has the word ‘SEXY’ written out in the gold condoms and ‘LIFE’ is on the reverse of the dress. Sexy being the contradicting word, that you don’t really associate with Condoms, but a necessary item if you wish to stay safe and ‘Life’ being the one thing we all wish for as long as possible.

Vintage gloves of silver and gold that had been bought in a Charity shop finally came into use with my love of Surrealism and in particular the Artist/Designer ‘Elsa Schiaparelli’. These have been used as straps, they are the hands that hold the dress up, but also a reflection of how we all need to hold each other up at times, whether physically or mentally.